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We have set a new standard in fintech assessments

We are an essential partner for fintechs seeking to build a profile and increase market engagement, offering financial institutions the opportunity to create powerful new partnerships and business models for enhanced performance.

The Rialto Bridge, Venice, Italy

Our story

The iconic Rialto Bridge, the oldest to cross Venice’s Grand Canal, from its origins played a pivotal role in the growth of this city of trade. The bridge is significant, not just for its 16th century architectural design – the well-recognised single stone arch flanked by two arcades, each with six smaller arches, but for connecting outer islands to the Rialto, the primary financial centre of this island city. Eventually, business grew on the Rialto Bridge itself, as it became a venue bustling with merchants, buying and selling.

Borrowing its logo from this historic landmark, Finbridge Global also creates connections and accelerates business growth. Hailing from near Venice, co-founder Barbara Gottardi along with trusted partners Mick Barry and Milo Clarke have over 60 years of combined experience bringing technology to the forefront of financial services. Understanding complex financial institutions, they have developed a proprietary Assessment Engine that links needs with capabilities, reducing time, effort, and cost in sourcing technology solution providers. It allows venture firms to seek out growth opportunities reducing cost and time for due diligence.

Meet the team

Barbara Gottardi

Mick Barry

Chris Harvey​


Our mission is to level the playing field and lower the barriers for fintechs to find the financial institutions that need them and the venture firms who want to invest in them.


Our vision is to be the trusted go-to platform that provides transparent and trusted standards for fintechs, financial institutions and investors to make informed decisions quickly.

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