You asked for more features

April 30, 2024

Exciting News: You asked for more features….and we have delivered! 

As usual – thanks a lot for your support and great feedback – we have selected and implemented the top features that were asked and hopefully we have hit the mark!

The most exciting news is that …we are no longer UK bound and we can now go Global! Our partnership with LEI will allow us to move from an estimated pool of 3000 UK fintech to a global pool of 30,000…….

So…what’s in it for you this time? 

For Fintechs like you:

  • T&C : we have included the T&C as part of the onboarding process. a huge thank you to our legal partner @Alex Harle & MayerBrown for this. (If you are already signed up we will send you an email to acknowledge the T&C) 
  • Enhanced Assessment: we have created a framework to keep increasing the number of badges you can get and we will keep adding (ID, Financial Health, InfoSec, Security, ESG, Cloud, People, Legal, AI readiness..) – keep an eye on it as we will work with you!
  • LEI integration: we are proud to announce our partnership with GLEIF and we will provide you with an LEI number which is mandatory for Financial Institutions and well established in some countries already for SME.
  • Profile: you have told us you want your profile to be enhanced….have a go now and show off your skills! 

For Financial Institutions:

  • Comparison: we have improved the comparison feature for FI – they can now search and select and compare very easily! We love this new feature and we think it does look better than excel!
  • RFI Process Integration: they can now kick off an RFI straight from the comparison page

The platform is now feature rich – we have worked hard through the last few months and we now need your help! Use it in anger and invite more people to join! We are engaging with more FI to join everyday and show how amazing all of you are! 

Remember …you don’t need to be the BEST ….you need to be the BEST MATCH!

Please keep your thoughts and ideas coming

The Finbridge Global Team


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